• Chronic Illness

  • Cancer

  • Physical Disabilities

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Sensory Spectrum

  • Special Needs

Our Wellness Programs provide care packages that are made to center around individual needs to help them through their personal circumstances.

Chronic Illness is also referred to often as the invisible illness because symptoms do not always present themselves as you would expect.  This can cause additional stress on the patient.  Our goal is to bring a lot of love, understanding, compassion, and friendship through our Care Packages.   Offering inspirational books, activities and coping options along with the comfort of treatment blankets and stuffed animals it is our hope each individual Warrior will feel they are apart of our family and support.  

We Can!

There's always hope beyond what you see. There is always suffering too.  Our goal is to bring that comfort of friendship and compassion through Care Packages specialized to our Cancer Warriors.  We offer not only treatment blankets of all sizes-weights and stuffed animals but we also send inspirational materials and activities.  Each Warrior has a package put together just for them, their interests and needs.  

We Are Strong.

We Are Fighters.

Physical Disabilities come in many forms.  The human spirit is one of perseverance, ability, and courage. It also needs a foundation of love, understanding, and encouragement.  Our goal is to provide these to our Warriors.   We offer Care Packages that are inspiring and supportive.  Comfort blankets and stuffed animals, workbooks, encouraging books and activities for all ages are sent to our Warriors with the hope it will assist them daily.  

Physical Disability does not stop a person from being successful

The Care Packages we have for our Warriors on the Autistic Spectrum have available items to select from that will fit their personalities and interests.  We love to bring smiles and laughter to our family through the friendship of a soft stuffed animal, warm soft blanket and man activities including art, writing, music, and inspirational books.  

We love our Sensory Warriors!  We have a special selection of items including weighted blankets, comfort blankets, and stuffed animals.  Workbooks, reading books, art therapy, music therapy, and many activities are available.  

Special Needs come in all types.  We want to be sure everyone in our family has the comfort, love, and support they need.  Please let us know how we can help with an individualized Care Package.  

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