Skidmore Soccer Squad


Welcome Skidmore College Men's Soccer Team to Buddy Blankets & Bears, Inc. Volunteer Team!   I am excited to have this group of guys who have miles and miles of heart and compassion join forces with me in my mission to extend a hand of friendship to those who need a little extra faith, hope, love and strength.  

The boys hanging out before Blade's presentation 

Blade explaining how he started his charity and what inspired him.  

The Squad, Buddy and Blade

Buddy made a new friend!

On this very cold March day, Derrick and Kevin happily received supplies from Blade.  The task at hand: put your artistic talents to work decorating the Buddy Bear bed boxes that are shipped to children with their Tammy Buddy Bears.  The team will put their touch on 50 boxes with colorful fun pictures! Thanks guys!


The Squad went to work with their artistic talent on 50 Buddy Bear Boxes that will ship bears to sick children across the country!  Thanks Coach Micheller for delivering the finished artwork on a very chilly day!

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