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Exactly What Does Our Organization Do?

There are 3 entities of

 Buddy Blankets & Bears...

Buddy Blankets
Our Buddy Blankets are donated to local medical facilities to be given to Military Veterans and adults who are going through treatments for cancer and/or chronic illness.
New and handmade blankets are donated to us from private and business donors or we purchase them ourselves.   Once we receive the blankets, we make sure they are from smoke free, pet free environments as this is crucial for patients with low immune systems. We attach a hand written card of encouragement, friendship and hope with a colorful ribbon.  These are then put into care bags and delivered to local treatment clinics and medical facilities to be put into New Patient Welcome Packages.
Our goal is to give some comfort and extend a hand of friendship to those facing such a challenging time in hopes it brings some peace to their hearts. 
Buddy Bears
We accept newly purchased teddy bears from private and business donors.
We receive requests from folks all over the Capital District letting us know there is a little girl or boy who has a military loved one being shipped out, away from home, whether it is overseas or Stateside who could use the comfort of a Buddy Bear.  We in return gently package up the Buddy Bear to be delivered to the child or we hand deliver it to them if they are within a distance we can drive.
Our goal is to bring love and comfort to the children of military families.  We want the children to know they are not alone, they have friends within their community and around the Country who support them.  Making sure there is a soft and comforting friend right there to help them through hard times is what we want to provide.
We want to be sure that we can reach every military child with the friendship of a Buddy Bear through local military organizations and programs. 
Tammy's Buddy Bears & Blankets
Tammy Buddy Bears' mission is to bring comfort, reassurance, and security to children going through:
  • medical care for all illnesses/injuries/disabilities
  • cancer and chronic illness
  • emotional challenges/depression/anxiety/mental health
  • PTSD
  • physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence
  • homelessness
  • foster care/child protective services
We accept and purchase new stuffed animals and new or handmade blankets to be given to our Warriors.
We serve to the inner city medical and health clinics within the Capital District for those who have limited to no insurance and are in need of everyday assistance.
Tammy Buddy Bears & Blankets are also sent to children across the Country.  We ship and hand deliver our packages in special personalized boxes for those who request them.  We will ask for the Warrior's favorite colors and hobbies, interests and superheros so that we can make their boxes as special as possible. Most of our Warriors will take these boxes to hospitals and facilities to keep their favorite things in during their stay.  We refer to these boxes as "Treasure Chests". We find these bring a bit of home with the kids and make their stay more comforting. 

Tammy Zacchio

November 13, 1965

November  24, 2015