• Domestic Violence

  • Homelessness

  • Foster Care

  • Child Protective Services

  • Military Families

  • Elderly Abuse Services

Our Outreach Programs provide care packages that are made to center around individual needs to help them through their personal circumstances.  

Domestic Violence Shelters are one of our primary Outreach Programs in the area.  We deliver to several Shelters and Safe Haven locations weekly. We provide individuals with blankets, comfort pillows, stuffed animals, journals and inspirational books.  Our primary goal is to provide basic items that one may not have been able to take with them when leaving their home.  

Homelessness Outreach is done through local Homeless Shelters and local Homeless Encampments weekly.  We deliver blankets for all seasons, varying in size and weight.  We like to provide stuffed animals for those we find need additional comfort. Everyone should have the comfort of warmth and kindness. 

Our Foster Care Outreach Programs provide care packages specialized to a child's individual interests to help them adjust to their new home.  These packages include blankets, stuffed animals, games, and books in a personal backpack.  We make regular deliveries to Foster Care Representatives for distribution.  In emergency placements, representatives have access to our packages around the clock, every day of the year. 

Child Protective Services are provided with stuffed animals for when a representative of the department must remove a child from a dangerous situation.  In hopes to gain the trust of the CPS representative, the stuffed animal is a simple gesture of kindness, understanding, and friendship to the child.  No one should have to feel scared and alone.  Having a soft friend to hold onto can be what the child needs to give security and comfort.  

Our Military Families Outreach Program goal is to bring love and comfort to the children of loved ones who are deployed and away from home.  We want the children to know they are not alone, they have friends within their community and around the Country who support them.  Making sure there is a soft and comforting friend by their side to help them through lonely times is what we want to provide.

Elderly Abuse Shelters receive care packages that are delivered to local Safe Haven Residences monthly and as needed.  Warm blankets, stuffed animals and pillows are included in our packages along with inspirational books, journals, and activities.  It is our mission to bring some sense of comfort and love to our warriors while adjusting to their new journey.    

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