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 We respect all Warriors' privacy.

These are the Warriors who shared with us directly.

Maya Grace Collins

It is with much sorrow our first Buddy Bear Warrior

has gone home to be with her Heavenly Father.

Her smile, her laughter, her loving heart will always be within us.

God's peace, our sweet angel...

September 12, 2003 ~ October 3, 2017


The Straight Family

Jonny Straight's Family with their Jonny Bears, in memory of their dearest loved one. 


Princess Jazzy is one tough fighting cancer Warrior with the biggest smile!  She loves to paint and dance

Meet Kory...

Kory lives in New York, is one of the most lovable and fun kids who has embraced life with such passion. At 8 years old, Kory makes the best of each day with a smile and a force of energy that is contagious.  Born with Achondroplasia dwarfism, he has undergone intense surgeries and physical therapies.  Kory still faces many more surgeries and will be heading south in the future to have them done.


I had the privilege to spend a couple hours with him and we bonded immediately.  

It is always great to be able to get to know our Warriors personally!


To learn more about Kory's dwarfism, please visit 


Meet Amelia...

Sweet Amelia is our youngest warrior at just shy of 3 months from Texas. This precious angel was born with a heart condition Tetralogy of Fallot with Hypoplastic Pulmonary Annulus.  Amelia recently underwent surgery to have stents placed.  She is our very first to receive a baby Tammy Buddy Bear and hope it brings her much love and comfort. 

To learn more about Amelia's condition please visit 


Meet Jayden aka Beanz

Jayden, from Florida, is one incredibly determined and focused fighting warrior! This kid right here gets mad respect! A talented soccer player ready to get the W off the field so he can get back on the field to get the W's for his team! Just look at those eyes, you can see he is ready to battle! You got this, brother! We will be wearing yellow! #TeamBeanz sending good vibes and prayers!  



A mighty Warrior, Fighter and SURVIVOR, Talon amazes me with every ounce of his energy! Talon is battling Neuroblastoma Cancer. He is from California and a HUGE Survivor fan which is awesome since he knows how to outplay and out last cancer!  Welcome to the family!

Meet brothers Braeden Padraig

These two brothers from New York are fighting Irish Superheros to their mom who is battling cancer again. They bring her strength, courage and hope through their loving smiles and superpower hugs!

Meet siblings

Amber & Ian...

Amber and Ian are from New York.  Amber has recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  Pictured here with her brother, Ian, they both just received their Tammy Buddy Bears and from their smiles, they look so happy to have their new friends!

To learn more about Lyme Disease visit https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/

Meet sisters

Keelie Kira

Keelie and Kira are Cystic Fibrosis fighting sisters! These two Princess Warriors are from Michigan. With the friendship of their new bears we know these girls will be filled with courage, strength and love!  Just look at those smiles!

To learn more about Cystic Fibrosis visit


Hello Esther


What an awesome addition to our family! We are happy to have you as one of our Buddy Bear Warriors in Colorado! It's great to see that Bartholomew is bringing such a beautiful fun filled smile and happiness! Welcome to the family!

Welcome Anisha!

We are so incredibly excited to have your bubbly energetic

personality shining upon our family!

Welcome to the family, Andie! 

This spunky young lady is a mighty Warrior of multiple chronic illnesses but knows how to fight with such courage and strength!  We are all excited Andie is part of our family!

Meet Gabby

 from New York

Gabby is a chronic illness fighting warrior diva with a bright contagious smile and warm heart!  keep dancing!

Meet Lindsey


who is from

North Carolina!

Lindsey is battling chronic illness with a positive and determined attitude and doesn't let anything get in her way!

All the way from Kansas, welcome Taylor to our family!

Taylor is a fighting Warrior battling several chronic illnesses every day.  Keeping the beautiful smile shining the world, she spreads hope and love!


Kelly is our first Arkansas Warrior!

Battling gastroparesis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis,

 determined  to live life to the fullest!

Hello Angelita!

This Texas Warrior of Carcinogenic Cancer along with several other illnesses fights with a Southern Charm we love!


Our fun loving Warrior Christina

fighting inoperable spinal tumors, epilepsy, MS, AMPS, CRPS & fibromyalga, is from California, has already made her Buddy Bear apart of her family!  Absolutely loving the pictures! 


Meet our fierce

Warrior Ellen!

This Southern Belle is from Texas and taking on the fight against

0steosarcoma which she is kicking it right to the tumbleweed!

Ellen we are digging the pineapples over here!

This incredibly loving Warrior is Bri,

all the way from California! Bri is kicking leukemia out of her world! With her trusty unicorn friend by her side, she has magical powers to smile sunshine!

This little Warrior is a burst of California sunshine!  Loving not only her new friend, but the box he was delivered in! It is so wonderful to see the playfulness and energy in this acute lymphoblastic leukemia fighter! Makes our hearts sing!

That smile!!! There's nothing better than getting pictures of a warrior with their Buddy Bear and you can see the happiness in their eyes and smile! Welcome Kohen to the family! This mighty little man from Canada is battling leukemia with a fierce vengeance! Nothing is stopping this strong determined warrior!


Princess Iyanna

Be still my heart! This little princess diva is a beautiful heart warrior from sunny California. Loving this sweet baby girl's beautiful eyes full of hope and love!  Welcome to our family, Princess Iyanna! 

Sweet Paige

from Pennsylvania has the biggest joyful smile that lights up the

room every time you see her! Paige is a Cerebral Palsy Warrior

and she is a true fighter who has an endurance like an angel!


Welcome to our family! 

Welcome to our family, Emma!

A Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer Warrior from Tennessee,

Emma keeps her spirits high and has a warm loving heart!

An amazing Warrior and fighter!


Welcome to the family, Jennaca!

We are so blessed to have you as one of our mightly Buddy Bear Warriors!

Jennaca is from New York and has the Northeastern strength, courage and determination to fight hard against her chronic illneses!

We are excited to have Rachel apart of the family! 


A warrior of chronic illness and a mighty spirit, Rachel is happily able to snuggle up to her new friend, Buddy, under blanket while enduring regular treatments. Welcome to the family!


 Buddy Bear Warrior Beaux,

our first Louisiana family member,

fought mightily against neuroblastoma

with his beautiful contagious smile.

 Be at peace, our Warrior,

and fly happily with the angels!

April 5, 2014 - July 3, 2017 

Welcome to the family,

Mr. Keith Burton, Sir!

We are excited to have you all the way from Northern Ireland as part of the crew!  Thank you for your military service!

meet max


Welcome, Ian

It is always a highlight of my day when we receive updates and pictures of our Buddy Blankets & Bears family 💚💛 Happy to say Batman Bear is getting love and is bringing much comfort to our Warrior, Ian.

Shane aka Junior

Josh is a fun-loving kid with a huge heart for taking care of his little sister who is fighting cancer



Mallory, from Kentucky, has recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.  We are thrilled to see Mallory taking comfort in having Isabell, her Buddy Bear, by her side as she goes through her daily battle bringing her some love and strength.  

To learn more about Cystic Fibrosis visit https://www.cff.org



Princess Jazzy is one tough fighting cancer Warrior with the biggest smile!  She loves to paint and dance

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