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December 17, 2017 07:25 PM

BALLSTON SPA - For Blade Osborn, the pictures scattered on the walls of his home office in Ballston Spa are the inspirations that keep him going.

“We're just trying to help as many people as we can,” he said.

The people he's helping? Kids with cancer that are struggling emotionally and adults with chronic illnesses.

“Patients and the people that I've helped tell me that just the little things help them,” he said.

He was only eight years old when he got the idea that it's the little things that count when his mother Elizabeth was battling cancer.

“I was accompanying my mother to chemo treatments and I met a World War II vet,” he said.

The vet told him war stories and they bonded.

“I went to get him a blanket each time I would accompany her,” Osborn said.

The blanket was to comfort him through his treatments. Two weeks later, the vet passed away, leaving an indelible mark on Osborn.

“I saw the suffering that people went through and I found a partial solution to it,” he said.

The solution was a butterfly effect -- one blanket for a vet turned into blankets for others and today Osborn sends out blankets to patients in hospitals across the country and overseas. The kids get a teddy bear.

“I've always been the one that I love giving gifts more than receiving,” Osborn said.

Sometimes the money comes from his own pocket. He also raises some of the money through word of mouth at different organizations. He also raises money online.

His parents say it's unbelievable how one person can make such a difference.

“To see the joy, the smile, that he brings just by the simple things that he does, I wish I could bottle it,” said Osborn’s mother, Elizabeth.

"Such a small gesture in many people's eyes makes such a huge difference to them,” added Osborn’s father, Corey.

Osborn’s mother is now cancer free, but she's there as a reminder every time he sends out a new package.

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