Each of the committee members were given a gift bag which was a mini version of what children receive from the charity. There is a reason for this....

...Blade wants the kids to know the feeling that the children get when they receive their package from the charity.  Just look at those smiles!  Its easy to say Blade was successful with this tactic.

Blade answers the committee's questions about the charity. Impressed by the quality of each questions, he wants to start getting these kids involved now in the charity! FUTURE JUNIOR BOARD MEMBERS IN THE MAKING!

Blade explains the charity's mission, the people we help and how we go about receiving requests to the expense of shipping, box decorating and decisions on who gets what kind of bear or blanket. The committee even asked about the financial structure, overhead and fundraising.

Two members of the Junior Board of Directors, Anya Sager and Jake Faubel, explained to the committee their personal reasons for wanting to get involved with the charity.

...After the meeting ended, Blade, Jake & Anya toured the school which is where they went to school. The memories came flooding back and the silliness seemed to overtake them just as if they were back in elementary school again! They even bumped into some of their previous teachers and staff who helped them along their paths...

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