Our Mental Health Awareness & Assistance initiative is driven to bring comfort, acceptance, and friendship to everyone.  We want to break the stigma. We are not professional therapists. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists.  We are a group of people who sincerely care about helping everyone who feels the many feelings of mental health issues.  We all have them. We all feel it at one point or another. We all have struggles and need help.  What is important is we do something to help each other. That is what we are hoping to do through our programs.  Everyone is different.  Everyone responds differently to help.  Whether it is talking, music, dancing, art, crying, reading, writing, nature... whatever your "medicine" is through our programs we are here for each of you. There is no age or gender or race that mental health does not impact. We are here for you, no judgment, no expectations, no questions... just acceptance and love.

The interactive books we offer can be done individually, as a group, with a loved one, friend or therapist.  These are a fantastic way to open the door to your feelings.  There are suggestions and guidance, resources and lots of fun activities.  Each one focuses on specific areas of mental health. 

BE BRAVE:                         HELLO, HAPPY:               NO WORRIES:          STAY STRONG:

Focuses on feelings of         Focuses on feelings of           Focuses on                      Focuses on those who

being scared or afraid          being sad or angry                 stress and anxiety         experience bullying

The books we have chosen for our program inspire, acknowledge and offer support on topics faced today by all ages.  They give hope and comfort. 


These are our most popular and requested books.  If you have an issue you would like to address specifically, please let us know and we can find books to send you that focuses on the topic.  

Books for all age groups are available.  

Books may change depending on availablitiy.

It has been found creativity and art reduce stress and anxiety.  We offer many options for our Warriors to express themselves.  It is our mission to bring fun and self-expression through our creativity Care Packages.  There are many options such as art, role-playing, creating and art kits.  We have options for  Coloring Books, Art kits,  Art Projects, Colored Pencils, Colored Pens, Markers, Crayons, Paints,

Playdough, Building Kits, Art Supply Bags, Puppets, Dress Up Costumes, and Many More Items. Items are age appropriate from child to adult.

Items may vary depending on availability

Music is known to relieve stress, help with anxiety and depression as well as behavioral issues.  Some people find it helpful to express themselves when no other options work.  Music is known to assist with a connection between singing and speech, rhythm and motor skills, listening and increased focus. 

We do our best to offer instruments for all ages and abilities.  There are some instruments that may take more time to send due to cost but we do our best to meet requests timely.

Being able to put your feelings and thoughts down on paper is one of the best therapies used to express one's self.  It helps with depression, stress, anxiety, and just everyday thoughts.  

Creating your own stories and even cartoon/comic creations is another form of therapy to help express what you are feeling.  

We offer journals of all varieties and blank comic books for your personal creations.  

Comfort and security are vital for all. Our mission is to be sure each of our Warriors has the availability to receive the warmth of love with one of our blankets, fuzzy pillows, and stuffed animal friends.  We offer for all ages Emotional Comfort Care Packages.  We have blankets of all sizes, weights, and materials.   Our fuzzy soft friends come in all varieties as well.  We do our best to meet the needs of each Warrior individually according to their interests and favorite colors.

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