Jonny's Journey 

Jon put his gifts to work to awaken a sense of beauty and harmony in his surroundings. Artistically gifted and filled with adventure and a passion to discover all life had to offer, Jon enjoyed his family, friends and acquaintances alike, always sharing joy and a smile. Everything with vital energy attracted him and he grasped the moods and feelings in the atmosphere around him with precision. Jon enjoyed being noticed and made sure that you knew he noticed you. He rejected the idea that some things are “sacred” and others “profane”, he saw everything as part of God’s great creation. His faith enabled him to find beauty and meaning in all things. Jon embraced each person for who they are, being sure they felt secure about themselves for the unique and special creation they are meant to be. Jon bravely battled a mental health crisis …


“O Death, where is your victory?

O Death, where is your sting?”

1 Corinthians 15:55

September 6, 1998 - May 13, 2019


You left our embrace here on earth to be greeted by the Lord's open arms,

Giving us the reassurance you are no longer suffering your emotional harms.

Though we feel the emptiness with

every movement of the clock,

We know you are at peace and

resting among God's heavenly flock.

The sun radiates upon us the warmth

of your smile that is missed so much,

As the tears gently roll down

carrying their empty touch.

We take comfort knowing we can look up

with pride and be content,

We can feel you are covering us

with your love that is heavenly sent.

You left your footprints as you

took your path to heaven's gates,

As God's promise of His plan

and not the worldly fates.

The sun will rise, the flowers will bloom,

The skies will thunder, the clouds will rain,

The rainbow reminds us of

God's promise of no more pain.

You were pure and true,

A soul that enriched so many,

You can now be at peace and rest

our dearest Jonny.


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