Janet Wood

What an awesome blessing to receive these beautiful handmade blankets and so many incredible stuffed animals from our newest member of our donation crew! Thank you for your kindness and reaching out to us. It's the generosity and compassion from warm hearts like you that make our world better! 

Sheila Osborn

Yes, she is my Grandmother, and she is one of my biggest supporters, always sending regular shipments of Buddy Bears and Buddy Blankets to be sure no-one is ever turned away. Gram is a blessing and I am very thankful and grateful for all that she does for the charity! 

                                     John W. McGrath

One of the most heartwarming and touching correspondences I received was from a woman who wanted to donate to the charity. Once I heard the story behind her donation, I was overcome with emotion and sat in my room with tears coming down.

In this type of charity organization that I have you meet people who change your life, impacting your perspective on daily events and your overall way of approaching what is given to you to face each moment. I have to say, Maureen and her dad has had one of the greatest impacts on my way of thinking. This experience has made my soul grow stronger and my heart warmer.

Maureen’s dad, John McGrath, had just read an article on Buddy Blankets & Bears, Inc. in his local newspaper. Having finished the article, he put the paper aside and mentioned to his wife that he wants to do something for the charity and would like to purchase treatment blankets to donate. Sadly, Mr. McGrath passed away just days after and would not be able to fulfill his personal desire to extend a hand of friendship to others through his donation. Once things settled for the family, his daughters, Maureen and Kathleen, and his wife, Ann, reached out to me. They wanted to be sure his mission was complete by purchasing and donating treatment blankets, which were in return delivered to military veterans across the country battling cancer and chronic illnesses. Once I saw Mr. McGrath’s photo, I was taken back for a moment as he resembled two very important people in my life I have lost. My loving grandfather, Charles Osborn, and my most treasured friend, Buddy, whom the charity is named after. I knew immediately it was each of them reaching out to me through Mr. McGrath. This is a gift I will take with me in my heart in each and everyday ahead of me. I have learned Mr. McGrath was in the NY National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves for over 30 years, a member of the Legnard-Curtain American Legion Post and a very well learned historian. Along with his love for his family and country, he also had a special place in his heart for very dear organization to me, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Being a part of the Army, the American Legion and history buff, it is all that has great personal meaning to me. I feel a connection to Mr. McGrath and so wish I could have had the pleasure to know him personally. I am grateful that his family reached out to me. I feel that I have become a better person by having the gift of Mr. McGrath’s compassion and desire to reach out to those in need through my charity. What a blessing it has been and will continue to be.

One never knows who will become a part of your life from day to day. I say start each day with an open heart, without judgement, without preconceived ideology. Just go out that door with love, compassion, acceptance and hope. Just imagine how you can change someone’s life, regardless if you realize it or not, when your heart is filled with these blessings as you approach your day. 

July 7th Happy Birthday, Mr. McGrath, Sir!

The McGrath family celebrated their dad and husband's birthday by donating handmade blankets to us in his memory.  This family has so much love and respect for their family patriarch! It always brings my emotions to the surface when I am blessed to interact with Maureen, one of Mr. McGrath's daughters.  Today (July 12th) I met up with Maureen to pick up the blankets her mom so lovingly crocheted.  These gems are incredibly soft and will bring comfort and warmth to the little ones they will bless.


We are sending the blankets to one of our dear Buddy Bear Warriors in North Carolina who will be delivering them to children at Duke's Children's Hospital where her she battled through her illnesses and saving her life.  It's exciting and heartwarming to see one of our warriors helping little warriors and I am so proud to have her as a part of our family.


We love the McGrath Women and are so grateful to have them apart of our family!

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