What's been going on behind the scenes

at Buddy Blankets & Bears, Inc.

Out of the Darkness

Suicide Prevention & Awareness Fundraiser

Having been directly effected by losing friends and loved ones from suicide, members of our Board of Directors joined Team Forever In Our Hearts to participate in a fundraiser to bring awareness to suicide.  While we were there we ran into our friend, Ashley Dobbs, and her team from Mohawk Honda. It was great to see one of our supporters, share stories and come together for such an important cause.


Having recently moved our residence in Ballston Spa, I now have an office within our home dedicated to the charity! Pictures of the office to be uploaded once it is complete!  Excited to have a dedicate space!



Our friend Kerry graciously introduced Buddy Bear to his new friend, Betty Bear!  We could not be more excited to have Betty Bear as part of our family!  She will be venturing out with Buddy Bear  on our Charity events across the community, ready to meet and greet all of our friends and warriors!

Buddy Bear & Betty Bear are always happy to take a picture with everyone!



When we heard about a fellow charity having difficulties with sponsorship and finances in order to send out packages to those requested by loved ones we wanted to lend a helping hand.  Buddy Blankets & Bears was able to send bears and blankets across the East Coast to the West Coast. Our belief is that we are all here for the same purpose, to love and help each other... One Love...  It was a privilege to send a bit of hope, friendship and comfort to so many! 

      TOSS BACK!!

Blade pictured here doing a presentation of Buddy Blankets & Bears, before he became incorporated, at the Ballston Spa High School Sponsor A Scholar Club meeting.  Thank you for this opportunity! 


Please help us welcome Buddy, the newest member to the Buddy Blankets and Bears, Inc. family! Buddy stands at 4'6 and will be tagging along with us to all of our events! He loves to have his picture taken with friends! Come by one of our events and say hi! 

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