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Buddy Blankets & Bears, Inc...

an organization of love, friendship, and compassion

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Buddy Blankets & Bears, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to  provide comfort to people in their greatest time of need, extending a hand of friendship and compassion.  


No-one should feel alone, especially during challenging times. If we can provide a bit of hope in their hearts then we know we have made a positive impact and will continue to reach out to as many people as we can. 

We welcome all requests for people in need.  If you know of a facility or agency that could use our services, please let us know.  Do you know a child who needs a Buddy Bear friend to help them through a difficult time?  Do you know a Military Vet or adult going through treatments for cancer or a chronic illness that could use a treatment blanket? Please send us your request and we will happily review it and see what we can do to help.  We are here to spread the comfort of security and hope. Please use our Request Form to have a package sent to your loved one.  

We are a non profit charity organization that relies on private and business donations to fund our mission.  In combination with these donations, our Founder, Blade, contributes the majority of his income from various jobs to financially pay for blankets, bears and mailing costs/supplies.  Any help is greatly appreciated to assist with keeping this organization alive!  Thank you!

Tree of Faith, Hope, Love,

Friendship & Strength


The meaning behind our logo…


A symbol of strength, courage and grace to endure what each day may bring, trees embody hope.


The 5 leaves dancing in the wind is a reminder to spread Faith, Hope, Love, Friendship and Strength to those who are looking for a hand to hold onto during their times of need. 


Only we, as individuals and as a community, can come together to extend a hand to lift each other up. Let us keep our hearts warm with compassion and our souls shining with the light of love.



(Logo created by Blade Osborn, CEO & Founder)